User Acceptance Testing Services

Over the years of serving different ERP implementation projects, we found that the most challenging part of the project is the last phase, user acceptance testing. Due to the lack of resources from the end-users, they usually don’t spend enough time in understanding the new system and development a testing program extensive enough to gain confident in accepting the ownership of the new system. The implementation vendors has done everything they can to get the system up and running, however, the project can not be closed nor the final go-live stage can be completed. VinaConsulting has designed a specific program to help both the client and the implementation vendors to finish the project in a ….



The standard VinaConsulting Test Service process, depicted in the diagram below, breaks into three sequential procedural stages (Approach, Prepare, Execute).  Each process stage operates on external inputs (1 to 8) as well as outputs from a preceding stage (eg the Prepare stage uses information contained in the Test Strategy).  The three procedural stages operate under control of a management stage (Manage).  The diagram also shows the key outputs from each procedural stage.